My name is



FCI  name "High on Cube"


I was born 21st of December 2011 in Wales.

It wasn't really planned to buy Cube. I was surfing around on the HP of Angie Driscoll - Kinloch Sheepdogs - and as I saw the picture I got interested, after I checked out the pedigree I just wanted to know if he would still be free. And yes - he was! :-)

Cube is easy to work, has a good "will to please". He is very natural in everything he is doing, very keen but not too hard to handle. Cube has a big heart and a big engine, would work the whole day if asked. He takes every distance. When doing the shed and single I like him a lot!

Cube can switch from work to trial without any problems. Because he is perfectly listening, I take only him for the work on the roads.



HD A, ED, OCD free


ISDS: 00/318503


BORC: 3334


Kennel Club: AP0904840

My parents

Kinloch Liam


ISDS: 306816



ISDS: 307634