My name is


Conquest Dope


I was born at 2009-02-22 in the Netherlands.

My owner was at rank three on the waiting list for my litter. While she has seen the first pics of us she started to hope that I would become her dog!

Many thanks to Ron and Dorine Snoeck for this wonderful little girl!!!

Dope is a great Border Collie! She has everything I want to have of a working dog!

Dope has lots of power, very good natural flanks, good outrun, good driver, loves to shed.


Dope was sold and lives now with Christine Riegler

CEA free (from parentage)


HD - A ; ED and OCD free


ISDS: NL/301171


N.H.S.B. BIJL. G-1-2738837

My parents



ISDS 258211, NHSB G-02570401


Owner: Ron Snoeck

Conquest Kate


ISDS 283154, NHSB 2695649


Owner: Ron Snoeck

My Litters