My name is


Ethan von Waltenweiler ("EWOK")


I was born on the 23rd of June 2002 in Germany.


I was a very nice and easy pup, did never destroy anything.

In working sheep I liked to go on the outruns and was always carfull at the lift.

Because of my will to please I got some nice results in herding.    


My favourite sports would have been agility, unfortunately my owner didn't like to do this.   Because of Ewok lost his interest in working sheep the older he got I gave him to a friend where he can live his life as a petdog. He is allowed to swim in the pool, doing agility for fun, sleeping in the bed and he is really happy now.I think it was a good decision for all of us.

CEA, PRA, KAT free; DNA Test: normal

(with 6 weeks and 23.03.2004, 26.04.2005 and 01.04.2008)


HD - free, selective inspection (lifetime)


ISDS: 286339


BRDC: 941

My parents

Liza`s Border Dover (Dave)


Owner: Elisabeth KOTSCHY

Amy von Waltenweiler


Owner: Alexandra BODE