My name is


GEE of Bungee-Borders


I was born 2013-03-20 in Austria.

Out of Aimee's last litter I kept the two bitches for my own.

While working Gee seems to be like her mother. Not so much style, but always on the right point. I think she is really clever, there's no need to show her things often! Gee has a nice outrun, loves to shed and hold the sheep, is able to move the flock out of the stable in a few seconds, is gripping if it's necessary.


Unfortunately Gee got sick after her first litter and because of that I can't trial her anymore.

She is still able to do some small work at home and she is satisfied with that.

I love her to bits!


CEA, PRA, KAT - free

(with 6 weeks)


CEA Carrier, TNS free, MDR +/+, NCL free


HD A, ED and OCD free


 ISDS: AT/327173


BORC: 3356





My parents

Ballyglass Taff "Billy"


ISDS: 262462, SHSB 650448


Owner: Willy Haltinner

Aimee of Bungee-Borders


ISDS: 286329 BRDC 1354


Owner: Kathrin Gleis