My name is


JAVA of Bungee-Borders


I was born 22nd of January 2016.


Because I was so satisfied with my I-litter, I kept Java out of my J-litter too. It's very interesting for me to see the differences between the pups out of Gate and Gee.

Java is called "superconducting particle accelerator" if you have seen her working sheep in her very first steps you know why ;-)

Right now she shows good natural flanks and starts to get the pacing.

Training Java sometimes takes me to the limit, but she shows good intentions so I still like the challenge.

I am proud Java reached her breeding points in her first trial weekend.




CEA, PRA, KAT free (23.02.2017)

HD A, ED and OCD free

ISDS: AT/ 353840

BORC: 4232

CEA Normal



My parents

Joe of BAW


ISDS: 00/328775


Owner: Wiet van Dongen

Gee of Bungee-Borders


ISDS: AT/327173


Owner: Kathrin Gleis