My name is


Jeanny  of Bungee-Borders


I was born 22nd of January 2016.



Sometimes life has it's own plans. Jeanny came back to join my pack and I'm very happy about that.

She has a sweet nature, is easy to train with nice flanks and good pacing.

Jeanny reached her breeding points in her first trial weekend.

We will see where our path will lead us.



CEA, PRA, KAT free

Glaucom free

CEA, TNS, IGS, SN normal

HD A, ED and OCD free


 ISDS: AT/353843


BORC: 4235






My parents

Joe of BAW


ISDS: 00/328775


Owner: Wiet van Dongen

Gee of Bungee-Borders


ISDS: AT/327173


Owner: Kathrin Gleis

My Litters








Jeanny xxx.jpg