New Pics of the K-litter and L-litter.

The first pups out of the K-Litter are already together with their new owners. I hope you all will have much fun, success and hopefully many healthy good years together!


New Pics of the K-litter and L-litter.


Yesterday the L-Litter was born with C-section. Because of that there will be no more litters out of Gate. All puppies from both litters are already spoken. You can find the first pics here: L-Litter


New Pics of the K-litter.


New Pics of the K-litter.


New Pics of the K-litter.


2nd of November Jeanny was giving birth to 9 pups. 4 boys and 5 girls in b/w and tricolor. All are doing very well and Jeanny is a really good mother. The birth was very easy and so nice to watch.

You can see some first pics at the K-Litter site.

The ultrasoundcheck confirmed the pregnancy of Gate. We are waiting for her pups in the beginning of December.


3rd and 4th of September Jeanny was mated with Mo. The ultrasound check confirmed her pregnancy! We are waiting for the pups around 5th of November.


8th and 9th of September I took part at the international Koralmtrial with Gate, Cube and Iva. Gate managed to reach place 1, Cube got second. Iva has had bad luck in the second run and we lost our sheep on the fetch, so this time only place 13 for her. Gabi was competing her first open run with Ian and got placed 12th with only one run.

Martina and Jamie won class 1, Hajni and Tess got second!

Gate was mated with Mo 1st of October. Now we have to wait again if it was successful.


Gate, Iva and me have had the honour to compete at the european championship in CZ this year. 

The Romanova sheeplambs that have been used this time where quite heavy and really wanted to know if the dogs are able to push. 

Iva has had problems on the big course with the difficult sheep, lost her nerves and gripped in front of the first driving gate.

My Gate was doing very well and we managed to complete the course with 140 points (what is in about the first one-third). As "Best Austrian Team" we got a very nice dogbed as present from our club. Thx for that! :-)

Jeanny came into saison and will be mated with Kerstin's Mo in the next days. I am looking forward to this combination very much!



Gate, Cube, Iva, Jeanny, Java and me took part at the internationale Almtrial.

Jeanny reached place 2 in class 1. Hajni and Tess got place 4. Martina and Jamie place 11 with only one run. Java was crazy and didn't get points.

Gate managed to win the open class, Cube got 3rd and Iva 5th.

This tral was the last qualification trial for competing at the CSC this year. I am very proud to say that Gate and Iva did so well, that we managed to come into the team! Especiall Iva did a great job as it was her first year competing in the open class!


In March John Pluta invited me to judge the Bordertrial. Kerstin joined my journey as my secretary. It was a well organised event.

We got the chance to train after the trial for 2 more days with John's fantastic sheep on his huge field. Thank you very much for your hospitallity.

I haven't had any future studdog for Iva in mind until I saw Kerstin's Don during the training in the Netherlands. Even though he is smooth coated and black and white ;-)

Last weekend we have had our first qualification trial at Gerhard's and Michi Fehringer's place. I took it as a callenge and competed with 5 dogs. Our judge Eugeen Keenes made the open course very difficult with a very tight shute instead of the pen. Iva was the one and only dog who managed to finish the whole course on Saturday. I was super proud! On Sunday she had also a good run and won this class with 170 points.

Gate reached the 4th place with only one point missing to the podium.

Cube got place 10 - sorry Cube I couldn't make a gap anymore.

First trial for Java in which she already got enough points to earn her breeding certificate.

Jeanny has not had her best ideas this time.

Kerstin won class 2 with Don. Seeing him run again made my final decission to use him as stud for Iva. Mating is planned around January 2019.

All together 7 dogs out of my breeding competed at this trial.

Gabi and Ian reached place 4 in class 2.

Kerstin and Floss reached place 7 in open class.

Martina and Jamie reached place 4 in class 1.

I am really, really happy and proud with Iva's winning runs in open class and all the other successfull Bungee-Borders!



New breeding plans.

Iva reached (with only one trial) place 4 in class 2 of the ASDS Cup and place 15 in the open class. Gate ended up with place 4, Cube with place 7.

Gate and Cube would have both been qualifies for the CSC in Norway, but because of several reasons I was not able to compete.

Jeanny managed to get her breeding points at Wienerwald trial on the 11th and 12th of November. We will not speak about our other results ;-) But a second nice thing after this frustrating weekend was I went shopping: so now we can welcome Foxridge Whip in our pack. More to tell on his own sites.

As nearly tradition already Kerstin, Gabi and I competed at the Swiss Open trial again. It was again a very good competition with much fun. And I was quite satisfied with the results of my dogs Gate and Iva, even we ended up somewhere in the middle.

Quite happy with the progress of Java. She is coming on nicely now. I hope it will go on like this and we might be able to compete at a trial this year!

Shap has a new place at Fam. Ecker. Hope my ♥-boy will make you happy and will come to be a good helper on your farm!