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DOB: 20. March 2013 with C-Section
1 dog (tricolor)
2 bitches (tricolor)

Aimee of Bungee-Borders (BRDC 1354) x

Ballyglass Taff "Billy" (ISDS 262462)




Birth weight: 334g

Owner: Diana Steingruber

Gun looks very promising while working sheep. When I tried him first in the roundpen he has shown a nearlly perfekt outrun. He is really easy to handle.

Gun will work with sheep in his future.




Birth weight: 375g

From the very first time Gate was very keen. She shows no fear of anything. Her style is amazing and her progress is great.

In the daily life she is very relaxed, obedient and always wants to be near me.


Gate's Site






Birth weight: 293g

Gee seems to be like her mother in many things she is doing. She isn't working with so much style, but she is always on the perfect point.

She tries to please me every time and I think she is really clever. No need to show her things often!


 Gee's Site

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