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Flower of Old Hill - Cookie Monster

08. 02. 2002 till 11. 07. 2012

CEA, PRA, KAT free, CEA normal, HD free

ISDS 286337, BRDC 910

Cookie was my first Border Collie. She showed me the herding and was the founder of my breeding.

I had to let her go in the age of 10 years and 5 month because of a broken liver cancer. I will never forget her!

Results: Trial class 2, BGH 2, AG 1, herding examination, Austrian Champion


AIMEE of Bungee - Borders

12.03.2005 - 29.03.2019


CEA, PRA, KAT - free

(with 6,5 weeks and 25.07.2007 and 11.01.2010)


DNA Test: Normal


HD - A ; ED und OCD free


ISDS: 286329


BRDC: 1354


I was born 2005-03-12 in lower Austria.

From the first second of her life - she was still in the amniotic sac - I said: "If this is a bitch, she will stay with me!" As you can see, she allready knew how to break my heart!

She was my first "once in a lifetime" dog! Easy to train at the sheep, good will to please but in the same time independent enough to work out of sight. It does not matter what she was asked for - she tried to give her very best all the time. I could count on her 100%.
She was my first dog in open class.

We took part at the Continental Sheepdog Championship in Switzerland 2009, in France 2010, in Sweden 2011, in the Netherlands 2012, in Belgium 2013 and at the World Trial 2011 and 2014.

Now she can enjoy her retirement.

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