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GATE of Bungee-Borders

CEA, PRA, KAT - free


Glaucom free


CEA Carrier, TNS, MDR, NCL, IGS clear


HD A, ED and OCD free


 ISDS: AT/327172


BORC: 3355

I was born 2013-03-20 in Austria.

Out of Aimee's last litter I kept the two bitches for my own.

Gate - my heart and soul. She is everything I hoped to get out of the combination Aimee x Billy. She is very fast and keen but not too hard to handle. Her working style is amazing and her movements are great.

Gate gives all her heart when working and lifes with the slogan "don't try - do it". If the sheep will not refuse to go - they will run a few seconds later. ;-)

In the last time she has taken her mother's place for beeing the background dog in training other dogs. She knows exactly where she has to be, no need to tell her where to be. Gate is independend enough to make the right decissions - nearly always quicker than me!

I really adore this young lady!

In daily life she is very relaxed, obedient and always beside me.
















Gate Manfred 8.JPG
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