IVA of Bungee-Borders


HD A, ED and OCD free

CEA, PRA, KAT, Glaucom free

CEA, TNS, IGS, SN clear


 ISDS: AT/341025


BORC: 4155

I was born 27th of July 2015.


I kept Iva because she reminds me of her great-grandma. 

She is a pleasure to work, easy to train, wonderful flowing movements.

With the age of 2 years Iva already competed sucessfully in open class.

She is the best outrunner I have, runs every distance in a perfect shape.

Iva is a dog that always wants to please me - no matter what I ask in a perfect way.

Beside work she has the nickname "superglue" because she stays next to me for hours and hours :-)