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My name ist Kathrin Gleis (born as Prodinger). I was born at 1974-09-05 in the lower Austria.

When I met my husband Hubert, (born at 1969-02-06) I was allready infected to the Border Collie virus. Fortunately for me he is very close to nature and loves animals. He supports me in everything I want to do and has given me the opportunity for keeping my own sheep.

Our daughter, Hannah was born at 2007-02-03. She is our little sunshine!

When I was 10 years old, our first dog (a poodle) came into our life. The second dog we owned was a miniature schnauzer. Since this time I know the dog training things of give paws, be dead and some other important tricks like this ;-)

I was 24 years old when I got the possibility to buy my first really own dog. Everything started with this mixbreed dog. I went to a dog school, we absolved serveral courses and examinations. Soon we started to do a bit of Agility and had lots of fun. Unfortunately (like so many other people) I wanted to own a Border Collie because of Agility. From the first moment I was absolutely fascinated by this breed.

During an Agility examination, Manuela Nassek told me, her dog Roy has mated a bitch from Hungary and gave me the addree of the breeder (Hajnalka Kökenyesi). A short time later I visited her to get a picture of the mother even before the puppies were born. I liked Hajni and her dog Liza (Cookie's mother) from the first moment. Hajni showed me a bit of duck herding in her garden and I was absolutely fascinated (although I have had no idea about herding!) When the pups were born I have had the first choice! I was really happy! I got the first pictures during the birth. Straight away I knew that the last born female would be my dog.

As Cookie was at the age of 4 month I watched a herding trial the first time. Of course I wanted to learn this kind of work to! When Cookie was 6 month we have had our first herding clinic. Since this time I couldn't get away from this! *ggg*

At some point more and more people asked me about breeding with Cookie. I've had 6 reservations for a litter. So it happened that I'm a Border Collie breeder now. 2005 I have had my first litter. And I must say I was really lucky with this litter! Even I knew really not much about the working Border Collie and Cookie is really no topdog (at least not by her, but her work performance), however - my plans and wishes which I had placed in this litter had become completely fulfilled - especially with my Aimee!

Meanwhile I live by the motto: "One time a Border Collie - always a Border Collie!" And I can't imagine a life without my dogs.

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