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DOB: 1. April 2023
4 Dogs (b/w and tricolor)
3 Bitches (b/w and tricolor)

Look of Bungee-Borders (BORC 5037) x
Dan (ISDS DE/339947)


Dog 1


Time: 7:26 PM
Weight: 324g
Color: b/w

Dog 3


Time: 9:23 PM
Weight: 298g
Color: b/w

Dog 2

Time: 8:10 PM
Weight: 206g
Color: tricolor

Sadly passed away after 8 days of painstaking care 🖤

Dog 4


Time: 10:30 PM
Weight: 275g
Color: tricolor

Bitch 1


Time: 7:10 PM
Weight: 305g
Color: b/w

Bitch 3


Time: 9:28 PM
Weight: 284g
Color: tricolor

Bitch 2

Time: 7:34 PM
Weight: 283g
Color: tricolor

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